Drill Winch

Gebuwin introduces the new, self-designed and manufactured Drill Winch DW1000. This worm gear winch can be operated with an drilling machine, which makes the winch three times as fast as a hand winch and almost 50% more affordable than a fully electric winch. The winch can also be operated manually or with a battery drilling machine which comes in handy in remote areas.

Drill Winch

The Gebuwin Drill Winch is equipped with an automatic greasing system (also known as AGS) that allows for a constant supply of grease on the worm gear transmission by means of a special integrated brush. The winch has a protection classification IP54, meaning the drill winch is protected against dust and splashing water.

This high quality, robust and safe winch is in compliance with EN13157 and DIN15020 and is thoroughly tested with a static safety factor of 4. This Drill Winch will be available in the lifting capacity 1000 kg with options like a grooved drum, multiple drum compartments and an electro zinc plated version.

The main advantages are:

  • Lifting up to 1000 kg in a remote area
    • Because of the worm and spur gear transmission the winch only needs 6 Nm to pull or lift up to 1000 kg. This makes it possible to use a battery drilling machine
  • Lifting speed up to three times as fast than the equivalent hand winch and almost 50% more affordable than a fully electric winch
  • Low maintenance due to the automatic greasing system
    • This again is very suitable for a remote area

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