How it's made | the hand winch | step 2: sawing

Jos explained a lot about designing and testing of new products.  Now Martijn will explain more about  the first production process sawing at Gebuwin.

How it's made | the hand winch | step 2: sawing

After all the necessary raw materials have been purchased, the production process begins with the sawing of all axles, small gears, bearings and drums.

Martijn is 33 and has been working for Gebuwin for 12.5 years. He started with the stamping, he has welded and assembled but has finally grown to run products on the CNC turning lathe. In addition to turning, Martijn supports with the cutting and milling. “Each time it is still nice to see how a rough piece of steel can be turned into a smooth and refined product within minutes”   says Martijn .

Martijn says that parts up to a diameter of 245 mm can be sawed with a band saw. Almost all parts that are sawn are made of bare steel; however for the stainless steel winches, such as the Marine winch, stainless steel parts are sawn too. In the following exploded view drawings, Martijn has marked all parts that are sawn from both the spur gear and worm gear winch.

The parts marked red are made of solid steel and the blue parts of tube metal. Martijn says that the sawing process goes fairly quickly, the lead time being between 0.08 and 4 minutes per operation.

After sawing and sanding, most of the parts go through to the CNC turning lathe.

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