How it's made | the hand winch | step 6: painting

After all parts have been welded, they can be painted.  There are different ways to paint products such as powder coating…

How it's made | the hand winch | step 6: painting

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There are different ways to paint products such as powder coating and spray painting which is also called wet painting. Gebuwin uses spray painting for all its products.

Dick has more than 25 years’ experience in professional painting and that is clearly visible in his work. The parts that need to be painted come into contact with oil and grease during sawingturning, milling and the welding processes. Before Dick can spray the parts, he must first de-grease them so that the paint can adhere to the product better. After all the parts have been degreased, they can be painted.

“Of course we always strive for the most efficient way of working (little overspray), that’s why we use electrostatic paint. The positively charged paint attracts the negatively charged product so that little paint is wasted” says Dick.


There are two hoses on the spray gun, one for the paint and one for air. The paint is sprayed through the syringe to form very small droplets which then merge into the product in the form of a continuous layer. The paint is sprayed through air to create a jet that is as controlled as possible. This is also called airmix.

Gebuwin uses a two component paint, (which complies with DIN/ISO 12944, C1M) for the standard models, which consists of a hardener and paint. The standard Gebuwin products are supplied with a single layer of paint, the paint layer is sprayed twice in order to create a better bond. On average, between 80 – 100  μm (micronmeter) of paint is sprayed on the standard products. The Marine version, however, has three layers of paint (primer, between primer and paint finish) and between 240 – 280 μm of paint is sprayed, which meets the DIN/ISO 12944, C5M)

Gebuwin has four large Private Label customers which get their winches painted in their own colour. Dick can change colours within a few minutes:

The WW5000 (worm gear winch with a lifting capacity of 5000 kg) consists of fiveparts that have to be painted. In the drawing below the parts are marked with the colour that is sprayed:

In total it takes about 5 minutes to spray the parts and 8 hours to dry and harden. The Marine version of the WW5000 takes about 10 minutes. Smaller winches take between 3 and 5 minutes.

All sprayed parts must dry and harden for 8 hours. After about 3 hours the paint is dry but not yet hardened, this is a very important procedure. After the paint has also hardened and gone through Dick’s strict control, the parts are ready to be assembled.

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