Portable valve actuators

The portable valve actuator is designed for quickly opening and closing manual valves. It is fitted to the valve by a universal adaptor. This allows the use of one single actuator for many different valves.

Portable valve actuators

Due to the complete range of actuators almost any valve can be operated. Many companies in (petro)chemical, oil & gas, water and energy industries are already using the actuators.

Gebuwin offers three types actuors:

Thanks to their long life batteries, the battery actuator is able to deliver a high power for more than 30 minutes. This means they are not dependent on an energy source.The gas actuator can be used in total autonomy, the only limit being the available petrol supply. The pneumatic portable valve actuator is the most compact, light and powerful. You can have them ATEX II certified, they can go to stall and they don’t generate heat, sparks or smoke.


Thanks to the complete range of different actuators, adapters, couplers and options, virtually all valves with or without a wheel, under- or above-ground, high torque and high speeds can be operated, this makes this product so unique!

We would like to visit you to do a demo on location so that you can experience the benefits of the actuators in practice. Request a demo here!

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