Portable valve actuator

About portable valve actuators

The portable valve actuator effortlessly opens and closes valves in oil refineries, chemical and power plants, water and wastewater facilities and paper mills. The tool, also called spindledriver, is especially effective on valves that require a high number of turns or are otherwise difficult to operate because of high torque or where adverse climates (sub-zero, tropical, dessert environments) make operations more challenging.

It has several key features that make it exceptional. One operator can efficiently work banks of valves with a single tool, whilst reducing fatigue and risk of injury; this can result in major cost and time savings.

Thanks to their long life batteries, the battery actuator is able to deliver a high power for more than 30 minutes. The gas actuator can be used in total autonomy, the only limit being the available petrol supply. The pneumatic portable valve actuator is the most compact, light and powerful. You can have them ATEX II certified, they can go to stall and they don’t generate heat, sparks or smoke.

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