Swivel davits

About Swivel davits

Gebuwin developed the foldable swivel davit especially for hoisting goods on location. This foldable davit helps you carry out your work effectively without risk of physical overload. Due to its light weight of 25kg, this davit can be moved by one person. The hoisting davit is ready for use within 5 seconds by means of the folding system of the boom. And when inserted into the additional floor socket the compact crane is able to rotate 360 degrees. Gebuwin manufactures three types of swivel davits, these davits differ in hoisting capacity and reach. The SD125 has a reach of 100 cm, the SD250 has a reach of 80 cm and the SD500 reaches 60 cm. Because of the integrated winch and wire rope the SD is not only compact it is also low maintenance. Also, the crank is adjustable in length so that the speed of hoisting can be regulated.


Hoisting / pulling