Drill winch DW1000

This Gebuwin drill winch can be operated with a drilling machine and is equipped with an automatic greasing system (AGS). The drill winch is designed to be used in a low frequent manner and is three times faster then a hand winch. This high quality, robust and safe wormgear winch has a safety factor of 4.

The unique feature of this winch is the low torque of 6 Nm needed to pull or hoist 1000 kg. That’s why this winch is suitable for a normal drilling machine (240V) and with a battery drilling machine. Because of the automatic greasing system, maintenance is very low for this winch.

Product specifications

  • Robust and safe hoisting and pulling winch
  • In compliance with EN 13157, DIN 15020
  • Static safety factor 4
  • Transmission box IP54
  • Right angled worm transmission and spur gearing
  • Cable outlet upwards, downwards or at rear
  • Suitable to operate with a (battery) drill machine or by hand
  • Load pressure break with ratchet system
  • Automatic grease system
  • Paint thickness is 60 – 80 micron in 1 layer and in compliance with DIN/ISO 12944, C1M


  • Grooved drum
  • Multiple cable drum compartments


  • Steel or stainless steel cable with eye and/or hook, click here for more technical information
Technical specificationsDW1000
Capacity 1st cable layer (kg)1000
Capacity last cable layer (kg)527
Hand operated 1st layerCrank force (kg)11
(approx. 0,23 m/min)Hoisting length by one rotatoin (mm)9
Drill operated, 1st layerTorque in going shaft (Nm)6
Max. input rotation speed drill (rpm)650
Cable speed (m/min)0,6
Battery driven grease system (cc)DC 4,5-5 V, grease EP125
Max. cable storage (m)63
Diameter cable (m)8
Min. breaking force of cable (kN)30
Own weight (kg)39


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