Electric chain hoist EH125 - 2000 with eye or hook

The electric chain hoist with eye or hook is available up to 2 tons. The body of the chain host is made of aluminum, it is compact, light and robust. The transmission is very smooth, vibration free and low noise.

Last but not least, the price of these electric chain hoists are very competitive.

Product specifications

  • With eye (E) or hook (H)
  • Durable, safe and easy to use
  • Aluminum body, compact, light and robust
  • The pendant control is made of shock resistant plastic
  • Corrosion resistant electromagnetic brake
  • Very smooth transmission, vibration free ad low noise
  • Three-phase motor with two speeds
  • Operation mode S3, insulation class F
  • Power supply 400V / 50 – 60 Hz
  • Low voltage control 48V
  • Overload limiter
  • Galvanized chain class DAT (G 80) (EN818-7)
  • Standard length of chain is 3 m
  • Ergonomic pendant control, IP65
  • Standard pendant control length, 2 m
  • IP55


Technical specificationsChainLifting speedLifting motor outputClassificationWeight
mm – numberm/minkWFEMkg
EH125 E and H / S15 – 18/20,09/0,362m35
EH250 E and H / S15 – 15/1,250,09/0,36 3m 35
EH250 E and H / S25 – 18/20,09/0,361Am35
EH500 E and H / S15 – 15/1,250,18/0,751Am35
EH500 E and H / S25 – 18/20,18/0,75 1Am 35
EH1000 E and H / S15 – 24/10,18/0,75 1Am37
EH1000 E and H / S27 – 18/20,45/1,901Am58
EH2000 E and H / S17 – 24/10,45/1,901Am61


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