Electrical motor EM5000

The auxiliary motors are used to provide an alternative for the hand operating of wormgear winches. Gebuwin supplies an air- and electric motor and both can easily be attached to the drive shaft. The air- or electric auxiliary motor can be used on the Gebuwin worm gear winches starting from 1000 kg. Hoisting speed will go twice as fast as by hand.

Product specifications

  • Note: the combination of a manual driven winch and an electrical auxiliary motor is not an alternative to an electrical driven winch
  • Electrical drill motor has a power of 230 Volts / 50 Hz
  • Robust slow speed drive units manufactured for non-frequent usage
  • Easy to operate for worm gear winches starting from 1000 kg
  • Used on a location where several hand winches need to be operated
  • Metal gear head with MT4 holder
  • Zinc plated winch adapter system
  • Supplied with handle, drift key and suspension eyelet

Technical specificationsEM5000
Power (W)900
Voltage – frequency (Hz)230V-50
Free speed (rpm)100
Speed at max. power (torque) (rpm)60 (50-70 Nm)
Dimension L x H x B (mm)510 x 530 x 150
Own weight (kg)13
Cable length with plug (m)2,5


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