Gas portable valve actuators

The gas portable valve actuators can be used in total autonomy – the only limit being the available petrol supply. They are particularly suitable for use in isolated outdoor places.

Extremely robust, they have an integrated clutch system which protects the operatorand the equipment, even if a valve is completely blocked.

Product specifications

  • Excellent autonomy
  • Extremely robust
  • Ideal for remote environments
  • Easy implementation
  • Maximum torque: 700 Nm
  • Integrated clutch system which protects the operator and the equipment
  • All actuators are available in easy, standard and heavy duty performance



Straight or right angled headFree speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm)Starting torque (Nm)
Easy duty actuator 031 3055541
Standard duty actuator 087100140115
Standard duty actuator 14863230195
Heavy duty actuator 29332470385
Standard duty banjo headFree speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm)Starting torque (Nm)
Easy duty actuator 031 75220160
Standard duty actuator 08727550460
Standard duty actuator 148N/AN/AN/A
Heavy duty actuator 293N/AN/AN/A
Heavy duty banjo headFree speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm)Starting torque (Nm)
Easy duty actuator 031 100165120
Standard duty actuator 08736410345
Standard duty actuator 14821700585
Heavy duty actuator 293N/AN/AN/A


IMPORTANT – For your comfort and safety, please carefully read the instruction manual before using the portable valve actuator.

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