Pneumatic portable valve actuators

The pneumatic portable valve actuators are the most compact, light and powerful. They offer a wide choice in terms of power and can be used in all environments, even the very difficult ones. You can have them ATEX II 2 GD c IIC T6 to T4 certified, they can go to stall and they don’t generate heat, sparks or smoke.

Product specifications

  • Excellent autonomy
  • Extremely robust
  • No heat, spark or smoke
  • ATEX certified
  • High torque and speed
  • Light & compact
  • Jam & blockage resistant
  • Maximum torque: 680 Nm
  • All actuators are available in easy, standard and heavy duty performance



Below performances are based on 6,2 bars. Download our brochure for full display of performances on lower bars and air consumption.

Straight or right angled head 30Free speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm)Starting torque (Nm)
Easy duty actuator 023 5602117
Easy duty actuator 0542404939
Standard duty actuator 035270145116
Standard duty actuator 060150250200
Heavy duty actuator 16954570450
Straight or right angled head 20Free speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm)Starting torque (Nm)
Easy duty actuator 023 4202822
Easy duty actuator 0541806552
Standard duty actuator 035190190150
Standard duty actuator 060115330260
Heavy duty actuator 169N/AN/AN/A
Standard duty banjo headFree speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm)Starting torque (Nm)
Easy duty actuator 023 1408272
Easy duty actuator 05460190180
Standard duty actuator 03567530420
Standard duty actuator 060N/AN/AN/A
Heavy duty actuator 169N/AN/AN/A
Heavy duty banjo headFree speed (rpm)Max torque (Nm)Starting torque (Nm)
Easy duty actuator 0231806250
Easy duty actuator 05480145115
Standard duty actuator 03590400320
Standard duty actuator 06052680540
Heavy duty actuator 169N/AN/AN/A


IMPORTANT – For your comfort and safety, please carefully read the instruction manual before using the portable valve actuator.

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