Spur gear box 1000 - 1501 kg

When a hoisting application is engineered with the possibility to attach an input shaft, a spur gearbox is the perfect solution. The spur gear boxes TK1000 and TK1500 have on one side an input shaft that can be fitted into the larger machine and on the other side a crank to operate the gearbox. The TK1001 and TK1501 have an input and output shaft.

Product specifications

  • Robust and solid construction due to a sealed spur gear casing
  • Protection classification IP54
  • Equipped with a load pressure brake
  • All rotating parts run in maintenance free bearings
  • Static safety minimum factor 4
  • Zinc plated finish with a minimum of 6 micron
  • The outward axel is fitted with key slots
  • The inward axel has a crank with a load pressure brake


  • EX = ATEX certified, for zones 2 and 22
  • SS = Stainless steel EN 1.4301
  • Box without crank and load pressure brake (TK1001 – 1501)

Technical specificationsTK1000TK1500TK1001TK1501
Max. output torque (Nm)550840550  840
Crankforce (daN)1112
Max input torque (Nm) 3842
Max input speed (rpm)6060
Transmission ratio 1:17  1:25,71:17 1:25,7
In- / output shaft diameter (mm)– /45– /4520/4520/45
Own weight (kg)16,5 171616,5

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