About us

Gebuwin is a leading manufacturer of high quality hand operated industrial winches

Gebuwin was founded in 1947 by the two brothers Buunk in Winterswijk, the Netherlands and is since 1965 family owned. The products are designed, engineered, assembled and tested within the production facility of over 2000 square meter. With an enthusiastic team of about 12 professionals, Gebuwin can operate flexible and therefore ensures that your product is well taken care of.

Gebuwin considers it essential to strive for the highest quality, have an excellent delivery reliability, provide the customer with the best service linked to a competitive price/quality ratio.

Hoisting and lifting capacities go up  to 7500 kg in worm- and spur gear versions. Gebuwin also provides its long term customers in the international offshoring, marine, mining, agriculture and food industry with electrical operated industrial winches and is specialized in custom made hoisting and lifting solutions. In addition, Gebuwin is the right place for punching and turning parts, sub-assemblies and complete end products.

our history

  • 1929 Company Buunk & Zonen was founded
    The company Buunk & Zonen was founded by Gerrit Buunk and his two sons, Gerrit and Bernard. The company, based in Winterswijk, developed floorplates for sewing machines and also machines and technical gadgets. Gerrit and Bernard set up their own business, Gebroeders Buunk Winterswijk, which was abbreviated as GeBuWinch.
  • 1947 Gebuwin was founded
    Gerrit and Bernard set up their own business, Gebroeders Buunk Winterswijk, which was abbreviated as GeBuWin.
  • 1949 Gebuwin moved to Industrieweg 6 in Winterswijk
    Gebuwin’s activities were growing and therefore the company was moved to a larger building on the Industrieweg 6 in Winterswijk, where only Bernard Buunk continued the business.
  • 1965 100,000 sewing floorplates produced per year
    Gebuwin produced about 100,000 floorplates for sewing machines per year. These were sold to sewing machine manufacturers throughout the whole of Western Europe. Major customers included Germania Werke van Pirr und Krome in Paderborn and Mödelfabrik Rudersberg. The products were also exported to Sweden (Husqvarna), France (Singer) and the United Kingdom.
  • 1968 Berend Siertsema took over Gebuwin
    Berend Siertsema took over Bernard Buunk’s business in 1968, which made him the 2nd generation. In addition to floorplates for sewing machines, Gebuwin also produced many delivery products, which were mainly exported to the United States, Africa and Australia. Gebuwin also produced many stamped and turning products to customers in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • 1979 Gebuwin took over Brasz machine factory
    Gebuwin took over Brasz machine factory which belonged to Mr. A. Brasz in 1979 with all its staff, due to the absence of a successor. The machine factory was specialized in hand-driven gear winches with lifting capacities of 125 to 2,000 kg and worm gear winches with lifting capacities of 250 to 5,000 kg. The winch series expanded and were sold all over Europa.
  • 1980 Gebuwin developed a spiral staircase
    Berend Siertsema developed a spiral staircase, called ‘The Spiral’. This steel spiral staircase could be assembled by the customer himself.
  • 1980 to 1984 Gebuwin’s metal supply product activities grew
    Gebuwin sold more and more metal products, including the Gazelle bicycle lamp hook. Up until then, about 30% of Gebuwin’s sales consisted of supply products including drum brake pads, cutlery cutters, gas control components, luggage locks for lorries and parts of kit sprayers.
  • 1984 Son Hans Siertsema joined the family business
    Hans, Berend Siertsema’s son joined the family business in 1984 and was thus the 3rd generation in the company. In the years that followed, he gradually increased Berend’s daily operational tasks.
  • 1985 Hand winch program expanded
    From 1985 onward, Gebuwin’s product range expanded with several new types of winches such as the battery driven winch, belt winch and basketball winch.
  • 1995 Hans took over his father’s business
    11 years after joining Gebuwin, Hans took over the company business from his father Berend in June 1995.
  • 2000 Clients and sales areas expanded
    From the turn of the century the customer base and export to countries outside of Europa increased. This led to an increase in sales of Gebuwin’s own product, the hand winch.
  • 2010 Custom made winches, electric winches and the swivel davit
    Gebuwin started focusing more on custom made hoisting and lifting solutions for special requests from customers. Also, a range of electric winches up to 20 tons were added to the product range. Besides the hand and electrically powered winches, Gebuwin also introduced the innovative swivel davit in 2016.
  • 2013 Gebuwin presents a new corporate identity
    Gebuwin creates a new corporate identity and new website. This new identity is presented on the Cemat exhibition for the fourth time.
  • 2017 Gebuwin‘s 70th anniversary and Hans’ two sons joined the family business
    In 2017 Gebuwin celebrated it’s 70th anniversary and in addition to this, sons Robert and Alan, joined the family business with which the 4th generation started.