Pulley block 150 - 7500 kg

Gebuwin provides pulleys that are suitable for every type of hand winch. The cast iron wheels are also sold separately.

Product specifications

  • Robust construction due to a cast iron cable pulley in a steel frame
  • Suitable only for hand winch applications
  • Cable pulleys are fitted with sliding bearings
  • The numbers in the product name correspond with the maximum load capacities
  • Standard paint finish in grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005) according to DIN 12944, C1M


  • Special requests? Don’t hesitate to contact Gebuwin

Technical specificationsKB150KB300KB600KB1500KB2000KB4000KB7500
Max. capacity (kg)1503006001500200040007500
Max. diameter cable (mm) 4 4610121622
Own weight (kg)111,536,5 11,521



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